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Young Athletes Function Academy

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 11 June, 2020

In our young athletes Function academy, we work with any young person that needs guidance on how they can improve their overall performance on and off the field.  Our comprehensive screening assessment will allow us to localize any mobility dysfunctions and or motor control issues. 

All the answers to what and how we can improve your child's performance can be answered through our 60-minute thorough assessment. We are the only practice in a 15 km radius to have access to this assessment. We will provide a detailed report of the outcome of the report and work on a plan to restore all functions back to baseline. 

The mobility issues are always going to be that simple problem that will stop your child from excelling in their sport. Many young kids are left thinking they are just tight, they are too bendy, it's just growing pain. Unfortunately, this goes deeper and we can examine them with a comprehensive movement baseline and rehabilitate them quicker and more efficiently. 

Once the movement is restored we would be comfortable to assess the capabilities of their functional movements and how and what needs more attention off field so that they can work on their overall performance. To make it even more thorough we have another assessment that would be able to dictate the capacity of your child on field. Should your child be working on explosive control? Impact control? Postural control? Or they have lower body or upper body restrictions. 

Make the small investment in your child's future that will ensure the best outcome for their sporting career. 



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