Olivia Hammerschmidt | Instructor | Function

Olivia Hammerschmidt | Instructor

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 11 June, 2020

As an accredited Japanese (Ki / Therapy) Yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Australia and International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA), Olivia teaches yoga from various physiotherapists and chiropractor’s clinics across Sydney as well as some corporate clients and studios. She also specialises in classes dedicated to addressing issues such as insomnia, chronic stress and anxiety-related tension within the body and techniques to reduce and ultimately eradicate the physical symptoms of generalised anxiety and panic disorder.

Working part-time at the International Yoga Teacher’s Association (IYTA) as Post Graduate Course Manager enables Olivia to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practise in both content and delivery of yoga teaching and anatomy as well as getting to work with the most seasoned yogi’s in the industry. Olivia handles Yin Yoga, Pre and Post Natal yoga, Senior’s Yoga, Yoga Anatomy Workshops and Meditation and Pranayama.

‘I believe the practice of yoga can benefit everybody. My classes provide a workout for the whole body. I aim to have people leave class feeling rejuvenated, more vital and energised in the day and relaxed, calm and grounded at night. This yoga is very powerful in that it enhances the individuals’ overall wellbeing. It’s great for releasing tension in the upper body, building strength in the lower belly, allowing for a strong grounded lower body and a light flowy and supple upper body. I look forward to sharing the amazing effects of Japanese (Ki / Therapy) yoga with others. Stick with my classes just once or twice a week to achieve a supple body with better ease of movement, less ‘tight spots’ especially in areas such as hips, neck and shoulders and arms. Imagine the version of yourself with much more Vitality, Vigour and physical Strength. You will see noticeable change in many aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing – toned muscles, improved posture, improved strength, flexibility and feeling more mentally grounded’.


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