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Fewer treatments, better results!

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 19 April, 2021

According to Pain Australia, chronic pain is something that affects 3.24 million Australians and the estimated cost of that comes to around 73.2 billion dollars.

That is a lot of Aussies who are not living their best life!

At Function, we are here to help our clients identify the root of their pain and develop a plan to help them fix it, and one thing that people often don’t realise is that their problem is not always where their pain is.

To give you an analogy, imagine a grandfather clock, and how intricate the engineering that went into its design is. There are so many different gears, with different sizes and speeds, but this is happening behind the scenes. What we see is a simple face that reads time accurately.

Our bodies are like these grandfather clocks, but we have one gear missing some small teeth. If one small gear is missing teeth, it will throw out the rhythm of the other gears and leave you with the "wrong time." Like this, you might have some teeth missing on a small gear that is throwing your system out of kilt, and you end up with pain.

Now the question is, do you treat the pain or the small gear that is damaged? That is the Function Approach. We pride ourselves on investigative work that will lead us to the real root cause of the pain/problem and once addressed, you will have a long-term solution.

For example, someone with a weak core, weak glutes, tight hammier may have this pain due to stiff ankles, weak inner thighs, decreased lumbosacral lordosis, rib flaring. The list is extensive, but we would need to assess to diagnose. We have fixed so many people with a simple approach of treating the cause, not the source.

So if you are many Aussies living in pain or simply want a holistic approach to your fitness program, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have.


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