Function's main goal is to improve your movement and decrease the pain | Function

Function's main goal is to improve your movement and decrease the pain

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 29 March, 2021

When setting out on a new fitness plan, the majority of people are looking to lose weight, tone up or build muscle and they will often take the most physically taxing approach to get there. From HIIT training which has caused an estimated 4 million injuries between 2007 and 2016 to running long distances with poor form which is also known to lead to injury.

While there is nothing wrong with these training styles when done right, "Looking Better” without caring about “Moving" and “Feeling" better is breaking so many peoples bodies which will only lead to long term pain.

At Function our goal is to improve your movement, decrease your pain (if you are in pain) and help you look better too.

Our investigative signature treatments allow us to know what any individual will need to do to overcome dysfunctional movement patterns, pain and injuries, as well as what exercises are the baseline for pure injury-free exercise.

Just like with anything, to return to your peak, you need to journey up a pathway of strategic steps to make sure you attain the best outcome. We can outline the optimum plan which has been clinical proven for years with thousands of patients and until today has helped people return to activities they thought they never would. We have helped people where Doctors and surgeons have said "never again" and patients where they just thought they could never get rid of their pain and would be sedentary for the rest of their life.

While our in-clinic programs are extremely tailored, our Home by Function program is written knowing what would help the average individual and what would help build the best muscular connections. We address the muscles from activation and stability and then the Bouncer is for the low impact HIIT component of the workout. The combo is deadly when done together and guarantees results!

We respect the reformer and know what the body needs to build the best structure. We have been developing our own Pilates program and now applied this to the Aerial Hammock too. We have our own signature programming that is applied to anything we work with - Physio treatment, Reformer Pilates, Aerial Pilates and home-based program.

If you have any specific pain or movement needs reach out and chat to us, or if you want a holistic workout to make you move better, look better and feel better we are also here for you.


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