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What Is The Movement Playground?

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 11 June, 2020

We have all hit the gym during our lives with high expectations of weight loss, rippling muscles and incredible physical prowess. The problem is, many of us do not know how to treat our bodies with care while we exercise or understand how to optimise our workouts. The results? A cycle of injuries and a frustrating lack of progress.

For many people, this leads to money wasted on gym memberships, ongoing physical discomfort and weight gain. Even athletes can find they hit a ceiling and stop making progress. What makes matters worst if you then have to start a physiotherapist a rehab program. 

We do it different at Function PCP, we treat and rehabilitate the patients and then get them moving in our safe, physio guided movement space with strength training, HIIT, mobility and stretch classes. We now have a space where you can work on your weight loss, rippling muscles and incredible physical prowess. 

Our classes are written and inspected by our specialised movement physiotherapists, and have our programs and training registered with Fitness Australia. 

The best place for our local mum's as we have a purpose built outdoor creche' every day of the week.



Function brings your award-winning programs and clinically proven results.

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Work with experienced physiotherapists trained by the Function Academy.

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