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How bad is my hamstring injury?

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 30 June, 2020

The Function Approach to any hamstring injury!

Injuries are measured in 3 classifications:

• Grade 1 (Partial) – small strain causing small pain but no real change in strength.
• Grade 2 (Partial) – large tear however the muscle is still intact, usually causing large amounts of pain during movement and bruising.
• Grade 3 (complete) – a complete tear in the muscle initially producing a high level of pain in most cases, however, it can also be relatively pain-free. You may also find a sharp pain in the back of the leg and/or a large bulk of muscle pulled up towards your pelvis.

Most hamstring injuries happen in one of two ways:

• 72% occur during high speed running
• 28% during stretching, sliding or twisting (typically take longer to rehab)


When can I start training again?

Return to training is relative and based on:

• The grade of the tear
• Individual tolerance to pain

Partial tears can start a rehab program 1-3 days post-injury. The sooner rehabilitation is started, the faster the return to sport or normal daily activities can be achieved. It has been proven that the earlier a muscle is loaded in the correct manner; an individual can return to sports in half the time (28 days compared to 51 on average). Loading (strengthening) partial tears or a surgically repaired tear is dependent on two factors:

• Pain tolerance
  ▫️ Can the individual tolerate the pain (within non-damaging limits)
• Strength
  ▫️ Progressive overload is the key goal for rehabilitation


When can I return to sport?

Returning to sport is a collaborative decision between the individual, the physiotherapist as well as the coach. Minimal requirements would be:

• Pain-free
  ▫️ On palpation
  ▫️ With running
• Equal strength in both legs
  ▫️ As strong or stronger than before, do not let your legs (including the no
injured) get weaker during time away from an activity
• Confidence
  ▫️ Does the individual feel they are ready?


What can the “Function Approach” do for you?

We combine the latest research in physiotherapy with the latest concepts in strength training to provide the perfect recovery and return to sport treatment.
This contains:

• Screening (why the injury happened in the first place)
• Manual therapy to help inflammation and pain.
• Home exercise programs to increase the speed of recovery.
• Guided progressive overload.

Give us a call to discuss your hamstring injury and find the right solution for you.

Written by Harrison Smith (Physiotherapist)


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