Why it's important to allocate time for your health

Why it's important to allocate time for your health "me time"

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 30 November, 2020

The world is moving faster than ever before. People can contact you anytime, work emails can reach you anytime and if you are a mum who finds herself constantly putting others before yourself, it’s understandable that getting some “me” time may seem like a laughable concept to you.

But it is really important that you lock in some time to care for yourself as if you burn out it will be hard for you to be able to achieve everything else you need to to the best of your ability.

Here are some of the key reasons why you need to schedule it in:


When you decide to drive your car in for a service, it is to ensure that your car gets checked and fitted with the newest and best parts so that the car can run efficiently. If you wait for your car to break down before checking under the hood or giving it an oil and grease, change then it will need a lot more work to fix it. 

To avoid this from happening, make sure you take some me-time out for yourself, be it to sit by yourself and do an activity you enjoy, to workout, to read a book. Whatever makes you feel great and can re- energise your batteries. 

Your health

Often when we get busy, our workouts and walks are the first things to go. But these are so important for your health, your wellbeing and even your mindset. Make sure you factor in some time to get some exercise in as when you start not feeling well, looking well or sleeping well that may affect your overall mindset and wellbeing

If work is getting in the way, workout before work so you have no excuses, or sign up at a gym nearby so you can go on your lunch break. If getting away from the kids is a problem, many gyms have creches so they can mind your kids while you take some time out for yourself.

Your Mindset

Now and then when you are taking some “me” time, make sure you look at your life, where you are happy, what you want to change and what you want to improve. Don’t let being busy get in the way of you evaluating where you are at and what needs to happen to keep you happy. Again resentment has a way of creeping up on people who let life pass them by only to later have an epiphany. It is better to put in little times to reflect every once in a while to ensure you are on track to stop that from happening.


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