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Why you have no motivation to return to exercise post COVID

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 08 January, 2021
Throughout lockdown, we were bombarded with different types of workouts that we could do from home, and while at the start of isolation many of us may have felt motivated to do the full workout, by the end I’m sure a few of us would just do the exercises we like and skip the rest or allow distractions to get in the way of a good workout.

It’s natural. Forced iso has a way of getting old fast!

So now that we are allowed to go back to the gym why are some of us feeling unmotivated to do so?

One of the major reasons is that you have lost the habit and your routine has been disrupted.

It takes around 3 weeks to create a habit, and far less time to break one so if you are wanting to get motivated again, I suggest you make a plan and stick with it until it becomes second nature again.

First things first, do you want to go back to your original workout or do you want to try something new? Find a studio (or an online program) that offers classes at a convenient time and location.

If you are looking for something new or exciting to try, why not give Aerial Pilates a go? Or if you are training from home, our new Home by Function classes allow you to do reformer Pilates or Bounce classes from home for $29 per week (including the equipment). You will never have an excuse to miss a workout again and because the workouts are pre-recorded and our instructions are clear across the screen, so it will encourage you to do the workout properly and less likely to get distracted

If you are someone who needs something to train for, sign up to a fun run and do your training with the goal of building yourself up for that. The good thing about signing up for an event is that there is a set date that you need to be ready for so you have no choice but to get into a workout routine if you want to do your best run.

Schedule your workouts for a week at a time. For me, I lock my workouts in on a Friday or Sunday so I can see what my “workout week” looks like and I get excited about it

Happy Training!


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