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Why you shouldn't give up on the health system, even if it's failed you already.

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 18 January, 2021

The health system failing people is a common theme that we hear from clients all the time. From seeing a doctor about a pain management solution that never worked to getting prescribed medication that makes you feel worse.

I am here to tell you that even if the health system has failed you before, don’t give up on it. There are lots of styles of treatment available to people for all types of conditions and I have no doubt one or a combination of a few will be right for you.

Just because one practitioner told you their professional opinion doesn’t always translate to the only solution. Having a different outlook on the musculoskeletal system is what Function prides themselves on. If your practitioner can answer the following questions then you are working with someone that will get you a result;

- Why do I have this injury/pain?
- Why me and not my friend/family who do the same task?
- Why now in my life?
- Why this side of my body and not the other?
- Why not the front of the joint but the back, or vise versa?
- Why did the medication not work?
- Why does my scan say all of these findings?
- Why can’t I be pain free?
- Why can’t I return to sport?

As you can see, there is a lot you are entitled to find out but the health system is in a mindset to answer 1 or maybe 2 of these questions with a closed-ended answer. I love to use car analogies so here is what we want you to think about;

If you had a car and it was making a funny noise, and you took it to a mechanic and he claimed that what he has done under the hood should help fix the problem and your drive off but hear the same noise. You return and he does what he has to do, and you are told this time this will help but you still drive off with the same noise. You repeat this several times because you think he is the professional and he would know best but no solution. Do you give up? Do you just accept the noise the car makes now? Do you seek a second or third opinion?

If you have been taking medication with no solution, if you have been doing treatments because you are told you need to do this ongoing, if you are sitting at home with pain and have no solution, don’t give up. There is always a better resolution to your problem and you best seek advice from people who care to get to the root cause of your issue.

So if you are feeling frustrated by the health system, think a little more creatively. Who else could help you? Is there another style of treatment that would compliment the one you are on? We know Function does things differently and are revolutionising their treatment approach. Feel free to contact us to have a chat.


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