With our signature program, you could be working towards peak performance | Function

With our signature program, you could be working towards peak performance

  • By - Mena Ghaly
  • 10 July, 2021

When an athlete is looking to perform at their peak, they rarely just practise their sport. Take Michael Jordan, for example. In the Last Dance (now on Netflix), we saw that within the first few years of him playing pro, he encouraged his entire team to start training at the gym to help them (and their joints) get bigger and stronger.

Reformer pilates, bouncer training and Aerial Pilates are three great tools for helping you reach peak performance. Here is why.

Master your movement patterns

Many sports encourage imbalance. With basketball, tennis and golf, for example you often have a “playing side”. With people who surf, they often have their dominant leg. Even with running and swimming your strong side often wants to take over which can lead to imbalances and injury.

A physio guided reformer or Aerial Pilates session, however is programmed with your specific imbalances in mind as they are trained to know what the individual will need to do to overcome dysfunctional movement patterns, pain and injuries, as well as what exercises are the baseline for creating a stronger and more aligned movement pattern.

Work on your stabilising muscles

With pilates, it is one of the few workouts that really get into those smaller stabilising muscles that are needed to keep your body strong, aligned and with good posture. Lots of sports tend to use big movement patterns but then a jerk movement and bring on a major injury. Pilates works those small muscle groups to help minimise the risk of that happening.

Work on your joints + cardio

Finally, working out on the bouncer is a great low impact solution for HIIT training. This will help you get into the higher heart rate zone, burn fat and tone up while also strengthening your ankle, knee and hip joints.

So if you are looking to get to peak performance, give it a go.


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