Security deposit, then

$49 per week

Everything you need to get started & keep going at home.

What It Is:

Move better, feel better and look better with pilates equipment and training program in the comfort of your own home. For just $49 a week, plus a $500 upfront deposit, you'll have the benefits of our in studio programs, without leaving the house.

The program comes with a foldable pilates reformer made to our stringent design specifications. It comes with a  jump boarding and sitting box so there is no add on costs. 

Best of all, it comes with a Function Bouncer to round out your at-home routines. 

The reformer will own the reformer at the end of this 1 year commitment. 


Have a question?

Call our friendly team on 1300 118 188

or Email us at home@functionpcp.com.au

Why It's Special:

  • ✓ Weekly workout videos included
  •  L 245cm x W 65cm x Carriage Height 26-34cm
  • ✓ Conveniently and easily folds away for storage, transportation and convenience
  • ✓ Five Deluxe Smooth Springs
  • ✓ Deluxe Detachable padded jump board
  • ✓ Double-loop straps provide 3 different grip configurations
  • ✓ Function bouncer included
  • ✓ Option to purchase the equipment outright. Contact us to enquire.

Good To Know:

This is our easy payment plan to own your own reformer!
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Do you ship outside of NSW?

Yes! We ship Australia wide and your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

Why choose Home by Function to be your ultimate home workout program?

You will have on-demand access to reformer and bounce classes which will be accessible 24/7. New and Inspiring programs are updated weekly, and are fully instructed with physio-guided programming. This is the first in Australia to be designed and instructed by the Function physiotherapists, which will ensure specialised programs delivered to your home. Our Bounce classes are as HIIT as you can get helping to get you sweating and burning as much as possible. Our program will make sure you can work on your body and also help reduce stress while increasing well being.

Do you need to be advanced in Pilates or be super strong to start this program?

Not at all! We appreciate the reformer and have hand picked our programs to ensure that people get the best from their equipment and not feel weak or inadequate in performing the workout. The program outlines the beginners - advanced options within our reformer workouts. Our program is for everybody and it doesn't matter what age, fitness level, or strength.

How does the Home by Function program work online?

Once signed up we will deliver the equipment to your house through our courier company. Once you receive the equipment you will be able to login and view the workout for the week from Monday to Sunday. We always include 1 x reformer and 1 x Bounce class per day. We update and create new and inspiring content weekly. Our workouts are all 45 minutes long, and you can watch them on demand, and re watch the workouts you love. We also have given you the option to pause, rewind and play your own workouts in case you get disturbed.

What kind of workout is the Home by Function program?

We offer two workouts per day so that you can either double up and work your heart out or pick how you are feeling for the day. Our Function Bounce classes are HIIT workouts on a mini trampoline that helps you burn 450+ calories each workout, and make sure you are easy on the ankles, knees and back. Then our reformer workouts are designed to strengthen and tone the inner core and postural muscles along with upper body endurance. We make sure you target all those muscles that help make you feel long and strong.

How long will it take before I receive delivery of my reformer?

Once you place your order, there will be an expected delivery timeframe of 6-8 weeks.



Function brings your award-winning programs and clinically proven results.

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Work with experienced physiotherapists trained by the Function Academy.

Quality Guaranteed

Change your movement patterns and posture within the first 12 weeks.