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When you experience an injury or notice a joint or muscle isn’t functioning the way it used to, most physiotherapists will provide treatment until the symptoms go away. 

The problem is, not having an understanding of the underlying cause means your aches and pains will soon be back. At Function, we investigate the cause of your physical problem before resolving your symptoms. From here, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and training to continue to perform at your best.


Our Award-Winning Pilates Program In Your Own Home

Move better, feel better and look better with pilates equipment and training program in the comfort of your own home. You'll have the benefits of our in studio programs, without leaving the house.

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Our Team


Mena Ghaly


Mena joined Function as the Practice Principal in October 2012. He studied Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and brings with him extensive experience with a signature hands-on style to his treatment techniques and management strategies. Mena has a keen interest in biomechanics and a holistic approach to the rehabilitative process, promoting peak performance and a reduction of reinjury and recurrent pain.

Lew Schnieder

Operations Manager

Lew Schneider is a Senior Manager specialising in performance and productivity in businesses. With over 35 years experience working in, and Managing businesses from 5 - 100 employees. Lew is passionate about helping individuals and organisations create an environment that facilitates growth and success. Through effective realignment and recognition of one’s true vision and goals, a step by step action planning process and a laser like focus. Lew takes people and businesses from being “stuck”, to being high performing, productive and successful.

Kathryn Mitchell

Senior Physiotherapist

Kath is a graduate of the University of Sydney and has more than 25 years’ experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. A previous owner of the practice for 11 years, she has strong ties with the local community and has worked extensively with the Balmain Tigers Rugby League Football Club and St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill.

Lawrence Lin


Lawrence is a graduate of the University of Sydney and has worked in private practice since completing his studies. His interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy draws from his passion for sports and his own injuries. This is what drives him to see his patients recover from their injuries as fast as possible and to address any underlying issues.

Titiksha Patel

Senior Physiotherapist

Titiksha (Tisha for short) is a graduate of the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and has since moved to Sydney. She has a strong background in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Pilates and has worked with athletes participating in high level sports such as cross fit, running and tennis.

Harrison Smith


Harrison is a graduate of the University of Sydney’s Master of Physiotherapy program and is passionate about helping people move correctly and removing pain. He has also completed an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science at the Australian Catholic University and has a passion and in-depth background in rugby, surfing, snow sports, swimming, resistance training and body building.

Neeraj Sampelly


Neeraj is a graduate of the Australian Catholic University and is an avid sports enthusiast. He played representative cricket throughout his junior years which forged a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. Neeraj understands the many frustrations that accompany an injury and what is required to provide effective rehabilitation and timely return to sport.

Josephine Samaan


Josephine is a graduate of the University of Sydney’s Master of Physiotherapy program with a passion for biomechanics, movement and conditions. An avid fitness fanatic with an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences, she loves a challenge and empathises with those who want to condition and rehabilitate their bodies for optimal performance.

Luke Wang


Luke is a graduate of Australian Catholic University where his love of sports and keen interest in the inner workings of the human body led him to his passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Having previously competed in Muay Thai where he trained with professional fighters, Luke understands the importance of efficient movement in injury prevention and optimal performance. Luke believes in treating the root cause of a musculoskeletal issue to help restore pain-free movement in the long term. He achieves this by correcting imbalances in the body through a variety of manual hands on techniques and is dedicated to helping his clients rehabilitate their injuries and achieve their movement goals.

Alexandria Bousfield

Office Manager

Alex joined the Function team in June 2019. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology/Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at ACU. Alex has a passion for sport and plays division one netball.

Sara Dougan

Office Manager

Sara joined the Function team in February 2020. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney. Sara has a love of sports and is a state representative sprinter and athletics coach.

Vicky Pidd

Administration Team

Vicky joined the Function team in June 2021. She has a Cert 3 in Business Administration and perviously worked in customer service in a management position. Vicky enjoys exercising, cooking, spending time with her cat and with her friends. She values customer service and ensuring each customer's satisfaction is always met.

Sophie Travers

Administration Assistant

Sophie joined the Function team in August 2020. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma in Languages at the University of Technology Sydney, having recently studied abroad for a year at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Sophie loves travelling, keeping fit and spending time with friends and family.


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